As well as the obvious research into the military aspects of Loyalist forces in during the Spanish Civil War, members of La Columna carry out detailed research into life in the 1930s to ensure they have a full understanding of the life and times of volunteers in Spain; as we portray mainly British volunteers this has a bias towards aspects of life in Great Britain that would have been in the life span of volunteers up to and including the war itself. For example, national events such as The General strike of 1926, but also more everyday aspects of life; work patterns, social activities, political beliefs etc.
By carrying out such a detailed level of research we hope to give greater depth to our living history presentation.
Articles currently available on line:
General articles about the Spanish Civil War
The Asturian Uprising October 1934 © Ricahrd Thorpe
A Simple Guide To (Most Of ) The Battles Of The Spanish Civil War 1936 – 1938, © Craig Palfrey

British Battalion in Spain
A Brief History of the British Battalion of the International Brigade, © Richard Thorpe

A list of Commanding Officers and Battalion Commissars of the British Battalion, © Richard Thorpe

Who served in the British Battalion? – A study of the background of volunteers in the British Battalion, © Richard Thorpe

Post Spanish Civil War articles.
The Home Guard, 1940-1944; A People’s Militia? © Dr. Stephen M. Cullen,
Aspects of British and Spanish life in the in the 1930s and before
The Sporting ’30s – English Association Football © Richard Thorpe

A Brief History of Spanish Football before 1945 © Richard Thorpe
Resources for the Re-enactor of the Spanish Civil War
A guide to where to get appropriate clothing and Equipment for the SCW re-enactor

La Columna’s drill manual © La Columna (revision 7 12 September 2007)

A recipe for ‘UGT’ bread for use at Spanish Civil War re-enactments