Uniformes Militares have been studying, collecting and reproducing Spanish Civil War uniforms for quite a few years, and is a professional pattern maker and Tailor who has specialized in period clothing and uniforms for the last 20 years.

Currently he is offering the following items:


Cotton Cazadora Jacket $140

Also Bombacho trousers and Pasamontaña pictured

Cotton Mono Coveralls $175

Also Isabelino cap pictured

Cotton pull over shirt $75

Cotton Bombacho Baggy Trousers $125

Wool Pasamontaña Cap $40

Cotton Gorro Ruso Cap $45

Cotton Isabelino Cap $30

Cotton Anarchist red and black neck scarf $15

Cotton Anarchist red and black Isabelino Cap $30

(all prices and products in US dollars and correct at 19/03/06, please contact Uniformes Militares for verification)

Below is a quote from Uniformes Militares:

“I copy all my reproductions from originals (most from my own collection) so you are guaranteed to get all the details that make Spanish uniforms of this period so unique.

In the future, I plan on making model 1926 Tunics, Checked “cazadora” Jackets, “Granadero” Trousers, Leggings, Putties, “Capote-Manta” Capes, “Thalmann” Caps, Officer Uniforms, Haversacks and Knapsacks. I can also make custom 1930’s Civilian and work clothing.